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Dear Friend,  

If you'd like to develop a super-power memory, increase your ability to focus and improve your comprehension then this could be the most important letter you'll ever read.  

Here's why. For the first time ever you'll be getting into the mind of Guinness Record Holder for Memory and use his revolutionary techniques to release your own inner-genius.
David Farrow's Amazing Story And How It Can Benefit You  

David Farrow, the founder and president of Wizardtech Inc., is a 2 time Guinness Record Holder for The Worlds Greatest Memory. Using his own success with memory as a platform, David speaks nationwide to numerous corporations, small businesses and educational facilities surrounding his award winning memory and focus techniques.  
A memory expert, David has trained over 10,000 business professionals, students, managers and seminar attendees in memory programs offered in both Canada and the United States, with that number growing each day.  

In 2007, David Broke the Guinness Record for Greatest Memory again by memorizing and correctly recalling the exact order of, 59 decks of cards - that’s 3068 cards in total, exceeding his previous record of 52 decks (2704 cards)!   Dave was also hired by Sony corporation to live in a window on 5 th Avenue in Manhattan and speed read on a Sony E-Reader for literacy in America.  In 30 days, he read over 100 books and through his efforts, Sony gave 4.4 million E-Books to schools in America.  Over 100 million people watched him in the window read for charity. 
David is also the Founder and President of Accella Scientific, an emerging biotechnology company focused on developing handheld, first-response diagnostic devices for HIV and other viruses that has been featured in numerous television, radio and print media.

A Special Note From David Farrow It's a fact that in today's world credibility is the most important factor in purchasing any product.  

Below are 3 important reasons you can believe what I say about my Farrow Memory Program don't say these things to impress you or brag about myself, but to impress upon you the importance of credibility and trust.

Reason 1: 
Customer testimonials. The fact is I have mountain of testimonials from famous celebrities to people just like you that prove I'm legitimate. But more importantly I am the current Guinness Record Holder for memorization.  The only person in North America to have a Guinness Record for the memorizing playing cards. 

I'm not exaggerating when I say I have a huge box of nothing but testimonials from satisfied customers who have used my techniques to develop a super-power memory, increase their reading speed and improve their comprehension.  

The fact is, plenty of people talk about how wonderful their product is, but when it comes right down to it, they don't have 2, much less a box full of testimonials to back it up like I do. The fact is I've been teaching people these techniques for over 15 years.  

I've taught my techniques at both live seminars as well as through my best selling programs ...The Farrow Memory Program  

Reason 2: 
Companies have paid m e as much as $5,500 per hour for this same information. That's a fact! I know that's a lot of money, but fortunately you won't have to pay near that much money for my Farrow Memory program.  

Now, for a fraction of that cost you can have my program shipped right to your front door, and have me on call 24/7. Think about it. If someone is willing to pay me $5,500 for a one hour lecture, imagine how valuable this information could be to you!  

Once again, you'll be amazed at how little money you need to invest in my program.  

Reason 3: 
Sure, there are a lot of Johnny Come Lately's out there that make outrageous claims which can't be substantiated. Listen, the simple fact is, I've been in the Guinness World Record Book for Memory for over 10 years!  

Don't be fooled by imitators or copycats who do not hold a Guinness World Record for memorization.  My program is truly one of a kind and no other program available can teach you the secrets of the Guinness World Record Holder for Memory.  

So, the bottom line is, certainly don't settle for second best when it comes to spending your hard earned money.  

If you've already invested in another memory program that's okay to. My program is so reasonably priced, it won't take a big bite out of your wallet and you could make your investment back many times over.

Here's a testimonial that made me realize why I do this.
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"Dave is amazing! He’s like Rain man"
Valerie Pringle - Host Canada AM
"Thank you so much for coming to our office and working with my Agents. We were very impressed to find out that you could actually improve our memory in just 20 minutes. The technique is so easy and fun. In our real estate business, we need all the help we can get."
Pattie Harper, Century 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd.
"I didn't really believe that it would work, but with only 4 hours of studying an entire semester's workload, I aced my final with a 98%. It was simple and fun....Thank you!"
Dawn Shona Power, George Brown College, Toronto, Canada
Dave Farrow on the Discovery Channel after Memorizing 59 decks of card (shown above) 3068 cards in total, braking his second Guinees World Record for the toughest memory feat
"Dave, words can't express how much your FARROW MEMORY Program has meant to me in school. As a Graduate student, the workload is enormous. Before your program, I was struggling just to survive in school. Now, I'm scoring 90-100% on all my exams, and my study time has been cut In Half! This means I can spend more time with my friends and family. I actually have a life now outside of school. I can honestly say your program is worth 10 times the cost! "
Mandy Aubert, Graduate Student, South Western University, TX
"I used all the techniques I learned throughout the academic year. And thanks to your program, I went to a GPA of 3.6 in the fall semester, automatically placing me on the Dean's List. I couldn't believe I achieved that jump just one semester."
Claire Arretta, Ontario, Canada
"Farrow Memory came into my office last year to do a presentation. They taught us how to memorize a random list of 20 objects. They came back again this year and to my surprise I still remembered the original list, a full year later. This stuff really works!"
Lou Cornacchia, Sales Rep, Royal Le Page Connect Realty
"I noticed improved focus and memory right away. I use the name technique daily and it always works for me. The FARROW MEMORY Program is a MUST for anyone wanting to make more money in their profession. Just your technique to remember names is worth the price of your program. Personally, I've made my investment back many times over applying the techniques in your program! Take this seriously because it really works"
Robert Cotes, Owner/Operator, Management Development Group

(She's wearing the hat so you remember the name, Farrow Memory)
Often it costs hundreds of dollars for just one seat at Dave's popular seminars
Imagine what you could do with a Farrow Memory.
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